Variety of Classical Motifs in Wallpaper wall design on the walls

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Although the development of Wallpaper wall design on the walls has been very diverse, the classic style is still popular with some circles. “Classic” usually expresses some artistic qualities – expressions of life, truth, and beauty. Classics have a certain universal appeal. This style is an elegant style and rich in detail, which is found both in the structure of furniture, lighting, etc,  including the motif. Classic style interior design can make home dwelling luxurious and elegant. there are the following tips to apply a classic style room by wallpaper.

  1. Mystic

Gold is often used as an accent in a classic style room to add the impression of elegance and luxury. This gold color is usually presented in the form of frames, interior accessories, and other space displays. Furniture with profiles and carvings also supports classic interior design styles. Not only that, the classic-style interior is incomplete without a touch of wallpaper on the walls of the room. True if the wallpaper complements the classic-style interior both for residential homes, hotels, boutiques, and other commercial spaces.

This classic style motif wallpaper is found in almost every wallpaper catalog collection. But there are several wallpaper catalogs that specialize in classic style motifs and alloys, like Mystic. In this Mystic catalog, a variety of classic-style wallpaper motifs are offered. Not only damask motifs but also tendrils and vertical stripes as a blend, with elegant and luxurious shades. Regarding the price, this collection of Korean-produced Mystic wallpapers is priced at IDR 390,000 / roll for 7 (seven) square meters of wall area.

  1. Lovely

Another wallpaper catalog that offers many classic motif designs is Lovely. This Chinese wallpaper is priced at Rp. 218,000 / roll for 5 (five) square meters of wall.

  1. Royal Garden

There is also a Royal Garden Collection which is one of the classic wallpaper collections, with the trend now moving towards the classic flower. This Chinese wallpaper is priced at Rp. 318,000 / roll for 5 (five) square meters of wall.

Thus reviews of the classic motifs of wallpaper. Interested? We provide a wide selection of motifs, colors, and textures of classic wallpapers that you can choose according to your taste. Realize the classic interior of the room with the finishing touches of wallpaper that add the impression of elegance and luxury!


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