List of the Best Free Android Games

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Here’s a list of the best and free Android games in the world:

1. Asphalt 8: Airborne or Asphalt: Xtreme

Those of you who like a challenge or even in the game, especially car races, will suit this game very well. Asphalt 8: Airborne or Asphalt: Xtreme is a car racing event full of challenges and obstacles.

Where the racing arena consists of steep hills, land, valleys and so on. You include being able to choose the type of car that will be used in the game, such as buggy, rully car, SUV and others.

2. Critical Ops

You can play this free download games for android mobile phone with the FPS genre. This means, you can play with your friends directly, the cool graphics can attract the eye.

Here you can choose a terrorist camp or a counter terrorist to destroy and defeat the opposing team. By choosing the right weapon and available with a variety of guys.

3. Line Cut the Rope: Magic
The cute and adorable green monster Om Nom (candy eater) is an actor from Game Line Cut the Rope: Magic. The best free android games come from an evil wizard.

Om Nom is determined to get his candy again by going into a locked book. How is the story connected? Come on, download the game for Playstore.

4. Clash Royale
This game made by Supercell is a card genre, where players fight other people in real-time. The best free Android game online can be downloaded via Playstore on your Android device, guys.
The way to play it is that you only have to collect cards that carry different characters. And from the cards that you have successfully collected, make a strategy to defeat your opponent.

5. Fallout Shelter
Bethesda has released a game with a simulation genre, namely Fallout Shelter. This best free android game will allow you to manage a very large vault and bring certain benefits.

First you will get visitors, where visitors will inhabit the iron room. And your job is to place them according to their expertise.

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