Is Cycling Effective to Overcome Obesity Than a Gym?

For those of you who have problems with obesity, of course very much trying to be able to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. The problem of obesity can not be underestimated. Seba if left unchecked over time will cause various types of diseases that endanger the health and threaten one’s life. To lose weight can be done with diet and exercise.

One type of exercise that is often considered to be fast and effective weight loss in the gym. But not everyone has a loose time to go to the gym because of busywork. If so, surely many people will complain that it is difficult to take the time to work out in the gym. Even though there are still other ways to exercise effectively, namely cycling to work.

Based on the results of research by a professor from the University of Copenhagen Denmark it is known that cycling to the workplace is very effective in helping you lose weight. Even the sport of biking is the same as exercising five times a week. The exercise bikes for obese people review is certainly good news for those of you who are obese and preoccupied with work.

For more details about the bicycle exercise review for obese people based on the results of the study can be proven from a study of 130 obese people but not actively exercising. Where 130 people are divided into four groups, for the first group to use bicycles to go and go back to the office. While the second group went to the gym five times a week using high training loads. The third group went to the gym five times a week using lightweight training. The fourth group only does daily activities.

Based on these studies, it is known that the cycling group managed to dispose of as many calories as the group that went to the gym for a week. The cycling group can lose weight up to 4.2 kg, the group going to the gym and weight training can lose 4.5kg and the group going to the gym with light exercise can lose weight up to 2.6 kg. Of course, these sports activities are very good for dealing with obesity compared to not doing sports activities at all. Also, the heavier burden of exercise performed the results are also better than light exercise.

Thus the explanation of cycling to overcome obesity. The explanation above can help those of you who want to overcome obesity but are still confused about choosing the right type of exercise. Of course, cycling training is very easy to do when leaving and returning from work.


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