Get to know Plus-Minus of Parquet Flooring so that you won’t regret it!

Have you heard the term parquet or parquet flooring? Curious to know more about the benefits, advantages, and disadvantages of parquet floors? Parquet flooring is not a new interior element in the world of housing and property. Come on, go straight to complete information about parquet with Kania!

What is Parquet?

Parquet flooring is a type of wood flooring from a collection of wood chips that have been pressed in such a way as to form pieces or boards ready to attach on concrete floors.

Parquet materials can be solid wood, which consists of 100% original wood such as teak wood and can also be processed parquet, or often called engineered wood or laminate. If the price of a solid wood parquet can be more expensive and needs maintenance, then processed parquet provides solutions in terms of lower prices and more efficient installation.

The installation of parquet floors also depends on the type of parquet you choose. Installation of solid wood parquet is generally more complex and requires special professionals, while processed parquet can be installed by placing it, installing a system of clicks, or gluing.

Because it uses pieces or pieces of wood arranged in the form of board strips, there are decorative elements that you can find on the parquet floor. This mosaic nuance often makes the parquet has its beauty.

The history of parquet name itself comes from the parqueterie word from France and has been around since 1600. Parquet floors were once a luxurious flooring material and can be found in Versailles and Grand Trianon. But thanks to technology, parquet can now be enjoyed everywhere.

What are the advantages of parquet floors?

  1. Parquet Floor Variations

Because the main material of the parquet floor consists of wood chips that are installed together, then the parquet floor has a beautiful geometric and decorative aspect that cannot be displayed by ordinary wooden boards.

In addition to beautiful formations, parquet floors can also be painted or apply finishing with different styles. So do not be surprised if the parquet floor can provide a warm feel that still looks elegant.

  1. Easy to Clean

Parquet flooring is one solution for those of you who want to have a home that has minimal maintenance and always looks neat and clean. This type of parquet floor does not require many troublesome treatments. You just clean as usual, sweep and mop, especially for processed parquet types.

For those of you who choose a solid parquet, the maintenance is also not a hassle. Simply swap up with a half-wet cloth. Now and then, you are also advised to give a glossy liquid so that the solid parquet floor looks shiny and beautiful.

  1. Sturdy & Durable

Parquet floors have fairly high durability and are resistant to use for everyday household needs. Normal use of parquet floors also rarely shows signs of aging or damage. The characteristics of parquet flooring, especially solid parquet floors, are classified as strong and durable, can even reach up to 50 years!

After knowing the advantages and disadvantages of parquet flooring, are you interested in applying it to your home?


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