Beware of Sinus Infection in Children and Know the Causes

Sinusitis is a sinus infection that can interfere with breathing. This sinus infection can be experienced not only by adults but also by children. Even more crappy are the symptoms caused by sinus infections are similar to ordinary flu symptoms, so parents need to be more vigilant. Sinus infections that are not immediately treated can cause complications such as bone infections. Although this is rare to happen, the sinus infection can also cause infections that spread to the area around the bones, eyes, brain, and blood.

Parents need to be more responsive to a cold that their babies. Watchfully if the cold relapse often or it doesn’t heal for a long time. It could be a sign of a sinus infection in a child. Usually, a sinus infection can be diagnosed based on symptoms that appear, the patient’s sense of sickness, and supported by a physical examination. When a doctor performs a physical examination, the redness and swelling will appear in the nasal cavity. The nasal mucus that look like ichor and swelling around the eye or forehead area will also appear.
Although sinus infections often occur in adults, children are also susceptible to it. The research found that 6-13% of children up to the age of 3 had experienced sinusitis. Children are more likely to experience ISPA problems that increase the risk of developing a sinus infection. On the average, children will experience ISPA 6-8 times each year. ISPA can cause sinusitis complications.

The sinus infection or sinusitis in children can because by the infection and uninfection of microbe. Usually, the microbe that cause sinus infections are viruses. It becomes much more compounded by bacterial infections. When the children’s immune system are in weak conditions, sinus infections can be occurred by bacteria and reinforced by fungi. The uninfection sinusitis caused by an allergic condition in children. Is a sinus infection contagious? Sinus infections can be contagious caused by a virus or a weak immune system of person.


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